Saturday, March 17, 2012

I light Marina Bay 2012

The idea of the sculpture is flower and power socket plug forced together as the metaphor of poetic creative gel of human voice with the technology by the playful effects of lights. The arduino will be the main core of the system. It will be programmed in such a way that if there is human activations, the LED will go into an idle state of predetermined visual effects, for example glowing.

The installation is an interactive sculpture that could light up beautifully using colour LED. The public interactivity in this work creates from the voice level when one input to a piezoelectric sensor of the flower. The microcontroller will translate the voice level to fluctuate the changes in the blinking level and frequency of the LEDs. It is henceforth responsive the human feedback by changes in the light effects.

In aligning into the festival theme, the sculpture is a visually colourful piece of work in the daylight. In the night, the responsive light will triggers and brightened up by the inhabitants making voices and enlightening the buzz of the city.
The recycle plastic parts are being used to create the floral patterns and forms. Items such as colourful discarded plastic bottle caps and unwanted nylon fabric can be assembled and wrapped into beautiful forms in the sculpture.