Thursday, August 13, 2009

Title : Man fused earth
Medium : Fired Clay, Stainless Steel
Wind driven charger, outdoor light fittings

Size : 6m (H) x 2.5m (W) x 2.2m (D)

Maquette scale 1:10

Concept Brief:

The marvel of a fable of a household three pin earthly clay plug plunged into earth drawing energy and nourishing man’s harmony with nature. The duty of the banal electrical gadget is not merely an illustrated copy of a daily object. It is made from mud of the earth’s crust, shaped with a human hand and solidified in a form of a connecting device. It is man’s earthly connection to nature, which is purely deriving natural conscience for the public. Even if it is pure fun, the poetic inspiration is in creating a wind driven eco-techno kinetic sculpture with hand made earth and functioning as a leisure point.
The sculpture will act as beacon of a neighbor park in twilight where strollers would use it as a rest station illuminated by a light source saved by the wind generated power charger. In the breezy afternoon, the wind mobile will spin saving up electrical watts. Its whimsically magnified household thingy can also serves as a conspicuous leisure landmark.

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