Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Wax and Metal II

Peranakan is hybridization through the fusion of Malay and Chinese culture in the English socio political influence. They have the love of displaying their wealth in object d’art of ornaments, decorations crafts and fashion.

The sculpture is a figurine statute of a young nonya in the Kebaya fashion, feminine, modern and sensual. It is made of wax cast from a mold. The sculpture is built from a metal wire framework which is a figure form inspired from the great Victorian period artist craftsman Edward Burne Jones. The figure is appropriated from a watercolor painting, Cinderella in 1863.

A Heating element is embedded into the wire framework in which heat is conducted trough a electronic timer. The wax melts away by the controller and drips and collects in a silicon rubber mold directly below. After melting away, the wire frame is revealed and the appropriated wire sculpture of Burne Jones emerges. In the process, another new wax figure is casted out.

The controlled melting symbolizes the historical degradation of cultural values. In disappearing from the old, the new emerges appearance does relate to the old but with a separated semblance.

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