Friday, September 24, 2010

Tug of War

Title: Tug of War

Medium : Iron and copper

Year : 2010

Dimension : 75(W) cm by 90 cm(H) by 45 cm(D)

Regardless of the athletic spirit of contesting physical supremacy over an opponent, tug of war in this sculpture signifies the strenuous brutality in which human struggles against each other to overpower one another. The wiremen are empty and formless in substance. They are in constant engagement of pushing, entangling and wrestling in confusion yet binding each other in alliance to bring the enemy to its knees. This is critiquing the tension of human aggression against the meaning of triumphant competitiveness to gain survival.

The human are outline representations from wire constructions being joined by welding and soldering. They are visually interweaving into space to mark its human shape from three dimensional viewpoints into projections of changing line drawings at every viewing angles. The attraction hence lies in the challenge to project a wire to transgress into space at the same time exhibit the alluding human form through their musculature and posture.

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